Serena McIvor

Apr 17 2020

With a good proportion of Europe locking down I’m convinced there will be a shift of focus in what we will all be looking for from our holidays.

We used to go away to somewhere warm and sunny to ‘switch off’ but when lockdown is lifted,  we’re all going to want to ’switch on’ and be more in the moment, experiencing and exploring what we have on our doorstep. And doubtless support local UK businesses who’ve shared in the struggle.

So where to go ?

Scotland is a country with so much variety. Whether you’re an adrenalin junkie, artist, family, a bunch of friends, sportsmen and women – there’s something for everyone!

And I know that family holidays can be some of the trickiest to plan. Finding somewhere that suits all ages, all tastes and keeps everyone happy and engaged can be a stress all of its own!

A Secret Island?

Well maybe not secret but often overlooked  – the Isle of Mull.  A fabulous place to visit – it has just about everything – white sandy beaches, unique bird and wildlife, scenery to be painted on canvas or captured on camera and for those who enjoy the spills and thrills there is sea kayaking, off road biking, climbing…..

Yet more …

Romantic castles, secluded bays, the freshest shellfish and fish caught off the coast to be enjoyed al fresco or in the multi coloured streets of Tobermory.

A holiday away from it all, no flights, no stress, just imagine, drive and turn up!   Give me a call and we can start to plan your adventure! Contact Us



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